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Fraud prevention

Stay one step ahead, with our trusted fraud solution

Judopay offers multiple fraud detection and prevention solutions to keep both your business' and your customer's money safe.

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Reduce your fraud and protect your revenue.

At Judopay we use machine learning and a data-driven approach to block fraud with a risk management engine; this includes mobile-specific fraud tools for identifying individual mobile devices.

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Single solution

Our single fraud solution contains multiple fraud detection and prevention features as standard.

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Smart-machine learning

Our tools continuously work in the background to gather data and fine-tune your fraud strategy.

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Flexible fraud control

Work with our team to fine-tune your fraud threshold based on your business needs.

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Device DNA

Our device identification tool that recognises blacklisted devices and tracks fraudulent behaviour

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CV2 checks

Carried out in real-time this ensures the correct 3 digit security code for the card is being used

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Checks that the address entered matches the address of the cardholder

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3D Secure 2

An additional layer of authentication that protects businesses from liability for fraudulent card payments


Our fraud prevention and protection suite

Reduce manual work and gain full visibility of your transactions using a smart fraud system that combines rule-based components and machine learning. Use a global, cross-industry network of data to accurately identify your customers, reduce false declines, and stay on top of the latest fraud trends. You’ll always know why a transaction was accepted or declined. With a full view of every transaction you can react in the best way for your business.

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Device DNA

Device DNA is a device fingerprinting fraud tool
Device DNA allows you to identify a device using 37 signals from a device. This will create a unique identifier for a device that cannot be replicated. Device DNA automatically checks the device against Judopay’s global blacklist database and tracks both positive and fraudulent behaviour. It will also be possible to use this device ID to send to the issuers to streamline your PSD2 SCA requirements. Device DNA adds an extra, and necessary, layer of protection to your mobile offering.

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